Terms & Conditions

for the Cashcloud Prepaid Mastercard®


“Card” or “Cashcloud Prepaid MasterCard” means an electronic money account issued by Us to You including the Cashcloud Prepaid MasterCard Virtual Card, Cashcloud Prepaid MasterCard Pay Pass Card or Cashcloud Prepaid MasterCard Pay Pass Sticker linked to Your electronic money account.

“NFC“ means near field communication and encompasses contactless technology transfer between your NFC sticker and a merchant terminal to facilitate the acceptance of a payment transaction by the merchant.

“Expiry Date” means the date as indicated on Your Card and on which Your Card will cease to work.

“We”, “Us” or “Our” means PPRO Financial Ltd. Correspondence relating to the use of your Card or these Terms and Conditions may be sent to PPRO Financial Limited, 20 Hanover Square London W1S 1JY, England.

“Cashcloud” means Cashcloud AG, a company registered in Luxembourg.

“Cashcloud mobile Wallet” means a mobile mobile Wallet, through which You can manage transaction services for using the Cashcloud Prepaid MasterCard.

“Website” means www.cashcloud.com describing the specific features, terms, conditions and fees that apply to Your Card. These features, terms and conditions will vary depending on where You obtained the Card.

“You” or “Your” refers to the cardholder or the Parent of the Cardholder as the context requires.

“Teen” refers to a person between the ages of 13 and 18 years.

“Parent” refers to the parent or legal guardian of a Teen Cardholder who authorises and provides consent to use of the Card by the Teen Cardholder and who registers their own details with Cashcloud.


1.1This document sets out the general terms and conditions that apply to the Cashcloud Prepaid MasterCard. This document must be read in conjunction with the Website and Mobile Application (APP), which describes further specific features, terms, conditions and fees applicable to Your Card. Together, this document, the Website and the APP form an agreement between You and Us governing the possession and use of the Card. When You apply for a Cashcloud Prepaid MasterCard, You will be required to accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions in order for a Card to be issued to You. By submitting Your order for a Cashcloud Prepaid MasterCard, You accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

1.2 Cards are issued by PPRO Financial Ltd (registered oce 20 Hanover Square, London W1S 1JY, UK, registered No. 07653641) pursuant to a license from MasterCard International Incorporated. PPRO Financial Ltd is regulated and authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. At all times the Card remains the property of PPRO Financial Ltd.

1.3 This agreement will last for a period of 2 years or until the Expiry Date of your Card is reached, whichever happens sooner. This agreement and all communications between Us and You shall be in the English language. Correspondence relating to the use of your Card or these Terms and Conditions may be sent to PPRO Financial Ltd, 20 Hanover Square London W1S 1JY, England.

1.4 In some cases, the Cashcloud Prepaid MasterCard will be distributed by one of Our commercial partners, for example in exchange for electronic goods or services. Whilst Our commercial partner may distribute the Card, this agreement is separate and distinct from any agreement You may have with Our commercial partner

1.5 In some cases, the Fees and Charges associated with Your Card may not form a part of the contractual agreement you have with Us and will be governed by a separate agreement between You and a third party provider. Where this may be the case we have provided you notice of this in section 20 and on the Website or in the APP. We are not liable whatsoever for any dealings You may have with such a third party and You indemnify Us completely from any claims that may arise out of Your relationship with such a third party.

2 CARDS - 2.1The Card is a prepaid payment Card which may be used to pay for goods and services at participating retailers that accept MasterCard products subject to there being sufficient funds on Your Card. Like any payment Card, We cannot guarantee that a particular retailer will accept the Card – please check with the retailer before attempting the transaction if You are unsure.

2.2 The Card is an electronic money (“e-money”) product, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), UK. The Card is not a credit card, charge card or a debit card supported by a bank account and is not in any way connected to a bank account. You must ensure that you have sufficient funds on the Card to pay for each purchase, payment or cash withdrawal using the Card. The Card is intended for use as a means of payment, and funds loaded onto the Card do not constitute a deposit. You will not earn interest on the balance of the Card. The Card will expire on the Expiry Date and will cease to work. Please check the Website and/or the APP and section 8 of this document for further information.

2.3 When You receive Your Card, it will be issued to You in an inactive state. You will need to activate it by referring to the Website and/or the APP and following the instructions for activation prior to use. If you don’t activate Your Card, any transactions that you attempt to carry out may be declined.

2.4 If You are a Teen Cardholder, You and Your Parent shall at all times be held responsible by Us for the proper use of the Card under this Agreement.


3.1 As the Card is a financial services product, We are required by law to hold certain information about You. We use this information to administer Your account, and to help Us identify You and Your Card in the event that it is lost or stolen. We only keep this information as long as is necessary and for the purposes described. Please see section 15 for more information.

3.2 In order to obtain a Card, You must be at least 13 years old. If You are between 13 and 18 Years old, Your Parent must provide written or electronic consent for You to obtain a Card.

3.3 We may require evidence of who You are and of Your address. We may ask You to provide some documentary evidence to prove this and/or We may carry out checks on You electronically.

3.4 When We carry out these checks, Your personal information may be disclosed to credit reference agencies and fraud prevention agencies. These agencies may keep a record of the information and a footprint may be left on Your credit file, although the footprint will denote that the search was not a credit check and was not carried out in support of a credit application. It is an identity check only, and will therefore have no adverse affect on Your credit rating.

3.5 The order of or use of the Card will indicate to Us that You consent to the checks described in this agreement being undertaken.

3.6 If You are a Teen, by using Our service and visiting the Website or implementing the APP on a smartphone, You represent and warrant that the information You provide Us is correct and accurate and that You are known as such by Your Parent. In other words, You are who You say You are and the Parent who has authorised Your use of the Card knows You.

3.7 If You are a Parent, by using our service and visiting the Website or implementing the APP on a smartphone, You represent and warrant that: (i) the relationship between You and the Teen is accurate and You are the party the Teen believes You to be; and (ii) You know the Teen and can verify his/her identity upon Our request.

3.8 Where permitted, You may request additional Cards linked to Your Card or account. You authorise Us to issue Cards and PINs to the additional cardholders and You authorise each additional cardholder to authorise transactions on Your behalf. You remain responsible for any fees, transactions, use or misuse of any Card or additional Card requested by You. 3.9 This agreement also applies to any additional Cards and cardholders that You have arranged. It is important that You communicate this agreement to any additional cardholders before they start using the Card.


4.1 The fees and charges set out in section 20 are associated with this Card and form an integral part of these terms and conditions. The fees and charges may also be found on the website and/or the APP or can be provided to You upon request by emailing Customer Services (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The fees and charges set out in section 20 do not include any additional fees and charges you may incur under separate agreements you have with Cashcloud or any other third party. All fees and charges under the present Agreement shall become applicable:

4.1.1 as of the date of use of the Card; or 4.1.2 if you do not cancel Your Card in accordance with paragraph 9.1 of these Terms and Conditions.


5.1 A Card may only be used by the person to whom the Card was issued. In the case of an additional or secondary Card, that Card may only be used by a person nominated by the primary cardholder. The Cards are otherwise non-transferable, and You are not permitted to allow other person to use the Card, for example by disclosing Your PIN or CVC2 or allowing them to use Your Card details to purchase goods via the Internet. In the case of a Cashcloud Prepaid MasterCard Pay Pass Card, prior to use, the Card should be signed on the signature stripe located on the back of the Card. In the case of a Cashcloud Prepaid MasterCard Pay Pass Sticker, prior to use the sticker should be fixed e. g. on the back of Your smartphone.

5.2 We will be entitled to assume that a transaction was authorised by You where:

5.2.1 the magnetic stripe on the Card was swiped, or the Card was placed in front of a contactless terminal to execute a payment, or the Card was inserted into a chip & PIN device, 5.2.2 or the Card PIN was entered or a sales slip was signed, or 5.2.3 relevant information was supplied to the retailer that allows them to process the transaction, for example providing the retailer with the 3-digit security code on the back of Your Card in the case of an Internet or other non face-to-face transaction.

5.3 Normally, We will receive notification of Your authorisation by way of an electronic message in line with the rules and procedures of the payment scheme (MasterCard network). Once We have received Your instruction to proceed with the transaction, the transaction cannot be stopped or revoked. Please refer to Section 12 of this agreement for more information. We will deduct the value of the transaction, plus any applicable fees and charges, from the remaining balance of the Card. The retailer or service provider that has accepted Your Card for payment will normally receive payment within 5 working days.

5.4 Under normal circumstances, if any payment is attempted that exceeds the remaining value on the Card the transaction will be declined. However in certain circumstances, a transaction may take Your Card into a negative balance. We will deal with such instances on a case by case basis, but where there is an outstanding shortfall on the balance, You will be responsible for paying the outstanding amount. You agree to pay Us the outstanding amount immediately on demand and authorise us to automatically debit such outstanding amount plus associated fees and costs from any top-ups You subsequently make to Your Card. Until Your Card is in good standing, We may restrict or suspend the use of Your Card.5.5 If You use Your Card for a transaction in a currency other than the currency that the Card is denominated in, the transaction will be converted to the currency that the Card is denominated in by the MasterCard scheme network at a rate set by MasterCard International Incorporated. The exchange rate varies throughout the day and is not set by Us, therefore We are not responsible for and cannot guarantee You will receive a favourable exchange rate. You can ask Us for information about the exchange rate used after the transaction has been completed by contacting Customer Services. 5.6 Normally, We will be able to support transactions 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. However, We cannot guarantee this will be the case, and in certain circumstances – for example a serious technical problem – We may be unable to receive or complete transactions.


6.1 A Card is not linked to a bank deposit account and is not a cheque guarantee card, charge card or credit card, nor may it be used as evidence of identity. 6.2 In certain sectors, Merchants such as car hire companies, hotels and other service providers, will estimate the sum of money You may spend or for which You require authorisation. The estimate may be for more than the amount You spend or are charged. This means that some of the funds on Your Account may be held for up to 45 days and accordingly, You will not be able to spend this sum during this period. We cannot release such sum without authorisation from the Merchant. See the Website FAQ section for more details. A Card may not be used for pre-authorised regular payments, illegal gambling or any other illegal purposes. Your card cannot be used in situations where it is not possible for the Merchant or supplier to obtain online authorisation from Us that You have sufficient balance for the Transaction. For example: transactions on trains, ships and some in-flight purchases.

6.3 Use of a Card may be restricted without notice if suspicious, fraudulent or illegal activities are identified or suspected, if We believe You have not complied with these terms and conditions, in the event of exceptional circumstances which prohibit the normal operation of the Card, or in the event Your Parent requests us to restrict Card use including cash restrictions.

6.4 In addition to the above mentioned restrictions, if You are a Teen, You may not use Your Card at merchants who distribute goods or services under the following categories:

6.4.1 Adult or adult entertainment

6.4.2 Gambling

6.4.3 Medicines or Pharmaceuticals


 7.1You may check the available balance on Your Card or view a statement of recent transactions by visiting the Website/APP.


8.1 Your Card will expire on the Expiry Date. On that date, the Card will cease to function and You will not be entitled to use the Card.

8.2 In some cases, We may issue a new Card to You shortly before the Expiry Date, however We are not obligated to do so, and may elect not to issue a new Card at Our sole discretion. If You do not inform us of Your intent to withdraw from this Agreement before the Expiry Date and we issue a new Card to you, these Terms and Conditions are automatically renewed and applicable.


9.1 You are entitled to a 14-day ‘cooling off’ period from the date that You accept this agreement. Should You wish to cancel Your Card and this agreement please return the Card and a written letter of cancellation to Card Services, 13th Floor, Landsberger Strasse 110, 80339 Munich, Germany unsigned and unused within 14 days of your acceptance of this agreement and a full refund of any fees paid to date will be made. Note that You will not be entitled to a refund of any fees if You have used Your Card during the 14-day cooling off period and You will not be entitled to a redemption of money that You have already spent on goods or services.

9.2 After 14 days from the date that You accept this Agreement You may redeem some or all of the remaining balance of the Card by contacting Customer Services (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or otherwise writing to Us. Where You request this, We will make an electronic transfer to a bank account in the European Economic Area that You nominate once you have provided us the information requested in section 9.3. You will be charged a redemption fee as detailed in section 20 should You make such a request either prior to or 12 months following the expiry date as shown on Your Card.

9.3 Before We can redeem the remaining funds, You must provide Us:

9.3.1 The serial number of Your Card

9.3.2 The value left on Your Card

9.3.3 Your full name, email address and a contact phone number

9.3.4 A legible copy of a government issued ID (eg passport or driver’s license)

9.3.5 Bank Account details in the European Economic Area including IBAN and BIC where you would like us to transfer Your funds to. In order to comply with Our legal obligations We may ask you to provide Us with certain other information before We process Your redemption request. We will not complete Your redemption request if We believe You have provided false information, or We are concerned about the security of the transaction, or if Your account is not in good standing or if there are insufficient funds to cover the redemption and any applicable redemption fee.

9.4 If You request redemption of the entire remaining balance in accordance with conditions 9.1 or 9.2, We will interpret this as Your withdrawal from this agreement and We will cancel Your Card.

9.5 We may cancel this agreement:

9.5.1 if Your Card reaches its Expiry Date, and We have decided not to issue You with a new Card at Our sole discretion;

9.5.2 if You break an important part of this agreement, or repeatedly break the agreement and fail to resolve the matter within 7 days, or use Your Card or account or any of its facilities in a manner that We believe is fraudulent or unlawful;

9.5.3 if You act in a manner that is threatening or abusive to Our staff, or any of Our representatives;

9.5.4 if You fail to pay fees or charges that You have incurred or fail to put right any shortfall;

9.5.5 at the natural end of this agreement

9.6 If the Card is cancelled, you must tell us as soon as practicable what you want us to do with any unused funds.


10.1 We will assume that all transactions entered into by you with your Card or Card details are made by you unless notified to Us in accordance with condition 11.1. You are responsible for keeping Your Card and its details safe. This means You must take all reasonable steps to avoid the loss, theft or misuse of the Card or details. Do not disclose the Card details to anyone except where necessary to complete a transaction. You should be satisfied that the retailer or service provider is genuine and has taken adequate steps to safeguard Your information before proceeding with the transaction and supplying them with the physical Card or its details.

10.2Once your Card has expired or if it is found after you have reported it as lost or stolen you should destroy your Card by cutting it in two through the magnetic strip or through the middle of the Pay Pass sticker as applicable.

10.3 You must keep your PIN safe at all times. This includes:

10.3.1 Memorising your PIN as soon as you receive it, and destroying the letter or other document on which we provided the PIN to you immediately.

10.3.2 Never writing your PIN on your Card or on anything you usually keep with your Card.

10.3.3 Keeping your PIN secret at all times, including by not using your PIN if anyone else is watching.

Not disclosing your PIN to any person, except that you may disclose the PIN orally (but not in writing) to a person authorised to use your Card or Account. NEVER COMMUNICATE YOUR PIN TO ANYONE IN WRITING. This includes printed messages, e-mails and online forms.


11.1 If You lose Your Card or it is stolen or damaged please notify Us immediately by telephoning Customer Services on 00 800 4843 7776 or using a related service at the Cashcloud website or APP. You will be asked to provide Your Card serial number and other information to verify that You are the authorised cardholder. Following satisfactory completion of the verification process, We will then immediately block any lost or stolen Card to prevent unauthorised use and cancel any damaged Card to prevent further use.

11.2 If We believe You have acted fraudulently, or if We believe You have intentionally or with gross negligence failed to keep Your Card or its details safe at all times, We will hold You liable for all transactions and any associated fees. We will limit Your liability to the equivalent of GBP 50,00 providing that You act with reasonable care and notify Us as soon as You can if Your Card has been lost or stolen.

11.3 After You have notified Us of the loss, theft or risk of misuse, and providing that We are able to identify Your Card and satisfy certain security checks, We may issue a replacement Card and/or PIN to You. Certain fees may apply for the re-issue of a lost or stolen card, please see the Website for details. The cooling off period described in condition 9.1 does not apply to replacement cards.


We accept no responsibility for the quality, safety, legality or any other aspect of any goods or services purchased by You with Your Card. Any disputes which arise in connection with such purchases must be addressed directly with the Merchant providing the relevant goods or services. Once You have used Your Card to make a purchase, You cannot stop that Transaction. We are not liable for the failure of any Merchant to honour the Card.

We accept no responsibility for the quality, safety, legality or any other aspect of any goods or services purchased by You with Your Card. Any disputes which arise in connection with such purchases must be addressed directly with the Merchant providing the relevant goods or services. Once You have used Your Card to make a purchase, You cannot stop that Transaction. We are not liable for the failure of any Merchant to honour the Card.

12.3 We will acknowledge Your complaint within 24 hours of receipt. If You do not tell Us within 13 months after a Transaction was made You may not be entitled to a refund. No refund will be made until Our investigation is complete. We reserve the right not to refund sums to You if We believe that You have not acted in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

12.4 Providing that You have complied fully with this Agreement and not acted fraudulently or without reasonable care, You will not be liable for any transactions incurred on Your Card if Your Card is used fraudulently and You inform us and cancel Your Card immediately following the fraudulent use. In some circumstances you may be able to claim a refund for a transaction you have otherwise authorised if you can prove that the authorisation did not specify the exact amount when you consented to the transaction AND the amount of the transaction exceeded the amount that you could reasonably have expected it to be (taking into account Your previous spending pattern on the Account, the Consumer Terms & Conditions and the circumstances of the case).

12.5 In certain circumstances, a transaction will be initiated but not fully completed. Where this happens, this may result in the value of the transaction being deducted from the Card balance and therefore unavailable for use – We refer to this as a “hanging authorisation” or “block”. In these cases, You will need to contact Customer Services and present relevant evidence to show that the transaction has been cancelled or reversed.

12.6 Where a retailer provides a refund for any reason (for example, if You return the goods as faulty) it can take several days for the notification of the refund and the money itself to reach Us. As such, please allow 5-10 days from the date the refund was carried out for the refund to be applied to Your Card or account. Any refunds for goods or services purchased with Your Card may only be returned as a credit to the Card. You are not entitled to receive refunds in cash.

12.7 In certain circumstances, We may refuse to complete a transaction that You have authorised. These circumstances include:

12.7.1 if We are concerned about the security of Your Card or We suspect Your Card is being used in a fraudulent or suspicious manner

12.7.2 if sufficient funds to cover the transaction and all associated fees are not available at the time that We receive notification of the transaction

12.7.3 if there is an outstanding shortfall on the balance of Your Card

12.7.4 if We have reasonable grounds to believe You are acting in breach of this agreement

12.7.5 errors, failures (mechanical or otherwise) or refusals by merchants, payment processors or payment schemes processing transactions.


13.1 Customer Services is available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday via the Website and/or the APP. During these hours We will endeavour to resolve all enquiries immediately, however please note that certain types of enquiry can only be resolved during normal business opening hours. Enquiries received after the close of business on a particular day will be treated as having arrived on the following business day. You can contact Our Customer Services team via the support section of the Website and/or the APP.

13.2 If You are not satisfied with any element of the service You receive, any complaints should also be made to Customer Services using the contact details in Section 13.1 above. Calls may be monitored or recorded.

13.3 If after contacting Customer Services you remain unhappy, please provide written concerns of Your concerns to PPRO Financial Ltd, Attention: Cashcloud Prepaid MasterCard Customer Services, 20 Balderton Street, London W1K 6TN, United Kingdom. All queries will be handled in accordance with Our complaints procedure. Customer Services will provide a copy of the complaint procedure upon request.

13.4 If, having exhausted Our complaints procedure, You remain unhappy, You may complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service, South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SR, UK. Tel +300 123 9123 or 0800 023 5467, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., web http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/.


14.1 None of the organisations described in Sections 1.2 and 1.3 will be liable for: 14.1.1 any fault or failure relating to the use of the Card or Account that is a result of abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control which would have been unavoidable despite all our efforts to the contrary, including but not limited to, a fault in or failure of data processing systems;

14.1.2 the goods or services that you purchase with your Card;

14.1.3 any loss of profits, loss of business, or any indirect, consequential, special or punitive losses; or

14.1.4 any acts or omissions that are a consequence of our compliance with any national or European Union law.

14.1.5 In any event the liability of the organisations described in Sections 1.2 and 1.3 will be limited to the balance of the Card at the time that the event occurs.

14.2 In addition to the conditions set out in section 14.1, our liability shall be limited as follows:

14.2.1 Where your Card is faulty due to our fault, our liability shall be limited to replacement of the Card or, at our choice, repayment to you of the Available Funds;

14.2.2 Where sums are incorrectly deducted from your Available Funds due to our fault, our liability shall be limited to payment to you of an equivalent amount.

14.2.3 In all other circumstances of our default, our liability will be limited to repayment of the amount of the Available Funds.

14.2.4 Nothing in this Agreement shall exclude or limit our liability for death or personal injury.

14.3 If You have used Your Card or allowed Your Card to be used fraudulently, in a manner that does not comply with these terms and conditions, for illegal purposes, or if You have allowed Your Card or details to be compromised due to negligence You will be held responsible for the use and misuse of the Card. We will take all reasonable and necessary steps to recover any loss from You, and there shall be no maximum limit to Your liability except where relevant laws or regulations impose such a limit. This means You should take care of Your Card and details and act responsibly, or You will be held liable.

14.4 Providing that You have taken all reasonable care necessary, the maximum liability You will have for misuse of a lost or stolen Card or misuse of the Card details will be equivalent to GBP 50.00.

14.5 The UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme does not apply to Your Card or account. This means that in the unlikely event that PPRO Financial Limited became insolvent, Your Card and/or account may become unusable and any funds associated with Your Card and/or account may be lost. By using Your Card and by entering into this agreement You are indicating that You understand and accept these risks.

14.6 Although You will not be able to recover Your money from the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the unlikely event that PPRO Financial Ltd becomes insolvent, as a responsible e-money issuer We take the security of Your money very seriously. Your funds are held in a secure client account, specifically for the purpose of redeeming transactions made via Your Card. In the unlikely event of any insolvency, funds that have reached Our account will be protected against claims by creditors. We will be happy to talk through any questions or concerns You might have; please contact Customer Services for information.


15.1 We collect certain information about the purchaser and the users of the Card in order to operate the Card programme. PPRO Financial Ltd is a Data Controller of your personal data, and will manage and protect your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (UK).

15.2 We may transfer your data outside the EU to our commercial partners where necessary to provide Our services to You, such as customer service, account administration, financial reconciliation, or where the transfer is necessary as a result of Your request, such as the processing of any international transaction. When we transfer data outside the EU, we will take steps to ensure that Your data is afforded substantially similar protection as data processed within the EU. Please be aware that not all countries have laws to protect data in a manner equivalent to that of the EU. Your use of Our products and services will indicate to Us that you agree to the transfer of Your data outside the EU. You have the right to object to the processing of your data and to its transfer outside the EU on compelling legitimate grounds.

15.3 You have the right to request details of the personal information that is held about You, and You may receive this by writing to Us. Where legally permitted, we may charge for this service.

15.4 We are committed to maintaining Your personal data in accordance with legal requirements relating to the collection, storage and use of personal data under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 (UK). We will not pass information We hold about You to any third party other than where:

15.4.1 We are legally required to disclose;

15.4.2 We have a public duty to disclose;

15.4.3 Our interests require disclosure;

15.4.4 The disclosure is made with Your consent; As set out in this section 15 and in Our Privacy Policy.

15.5 We may use the services of third parties to provide services on Our behalf which may include the processing of information about You.

15.6 We may share information about You with credit reference agencies to verify Your identity and suitability for a Card.

15.7 We may share information about You to prevent crime, prevent money laundering, for anti-terrorism purposes, to verify Your identity, to recover debt and to meet our legal obligations. We may share information about You both within the United Kingdom and overseas.

15.8 We may contact You to advise You of other products services provided by Us. If You do not want Us to contact You about such products and services please let Us know.

15.9 If We suspect that We have been given false or inaccurate information, We may record and report suspicion together with any other relevant information.

15.10 If false or inaccurate information is provided and fraud is identified, details will be passed to fraud prevention agencies to prevent fraud and money laundering and financing of terrorism.

15.11 We may check all personal information given by You with fraud prevention agencies and other organisations, and We may seek information about You from credit reference agencies to verify Your identity. A record of such enquiries will be kept. You have a right to inspect the personal data We hold about You however We will ask You to pay a fee of EUR 10.00 to cover Our administration costs. We may ask You to provide us certain information so that (a) We can be sure the person making the request is the individual to whom the personal data relates; and (b) we can find the personal data covered by the request. This is to avoid personal data about one individual being sent to another, accidentally or as a result of deception. For further information please contact Customer Services. The policies of PPRO Financial Ltd may be different from Cashcloud or the policies of third party providers connected to the Cashcloud mobile Wallet. Please check the Website and the APP for any additional relevant information.


16.1 These Terms and Conditions may be changed or amended at any time for legal, regulatory or security reasons or to enable the proper delivery of or to improve the delivery of the Card scheme. Subject to section 16.2, any changes to these Terms and Conditions will be publicised on the Website and/or the APP two months before the changes take effect (unless law requires or permits Us to make a more immediate change or We believe the changes are for Your benefit). The currently applicable Terms and Conditions can be found on the Website and/or the APP and are available on request.

16.2 We reserve the right from time to time to implement upgrades to improve the provision of Our services. We will use Our best endeavours to provide as much advance notice as possible of any such changes, if reasonably practicable.

16.3 Changes to the spending limits of Your Card that are necessary in order for Us to comply with Our legal requirements are not considered to be changes to these Terms and Conditions and therefore do not require prior notice. You can always check Your spending limits by logging into Your Account.

16.4 It is Your responsibility to check the Cashcloud Website and/ or the APP regularly for changes to Our Terms & Conditions. We will assume that You have done so, and will be entitled to assume You have accepted any changes to these Terms & Conditions unless You notify Us otherwise prior to the proposed date of the change. We may consider such notification to amount to Your rejection of the Agreement and notice by You of its termination. We will deal with any such circumstances on a case-by-case basis.


17.1 The law of England and Wales applies to these Terms and Conditions and the courts of England will deal with any legal proceedings that may arise between You and Us.


18.1 We may assign the benefit and burden of this agreement to another company at any time by giving two months’ notice of this. If We do this, Your rights will not be affected.


19.1. The Card may only be loaded via channels that We approve. The type and nature of these load channels will depend on the commercial relationship We have with Our partners.

19.2. The time that it takes for Your Card balance to be updated when You load Your Card depends on the method that You use and the time it takes for the funds to be sent to Us. We will further describe these load channels for Your Card and any applicable fees on the Website and/or the APP, however should You have any questions about ways to load Your Card please contact Customer Services.

19.3 In certain circumstances We may refuse to load Your Card should we have concerns regarding the origin of funds or, depending on the type of Card and associated load limit, any identification requirements as set out in section 3 have not been met.

20. FEES

Your use of Your Card is subject to the fees and charges as set out below. Unless otherwise indicated, Fees will be deducted from your Card balance. If the balance on your Card is not sufficient to enable the Fee to be deducted, We may refuse any transactions You attempt and ask you to top up your Card first.




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